jedi masters in singapore

Jedi Masters in Singapore

Lucasfilm Animation Singapore has started an apprentice program aptly named the Jedi Master Program.

The Straits Times reported that the local studio has an “aggressive expansion plan” that will double its staff to 300 by year end. As Lucasfilm is the first Hollywood studio to set up Singapore, there has been a lack of suitable talents. Hence the studio has started a 2 ½-year program in order to fill the gap.

13 chosen ones from more than 500 applicants had already started on the first six-month course over the last weekend. The 13 trainees range from junior college students to adults making a mid career switch.

Twins Samuel and Daniel Ling, both 20, gave up their places in the architecture course at the National University of Singapore in order to join the program.

“We never thought we could come this close to the graphics wizards behind the films,” said the twins who are also avid Star Wars fans.

The apprentices will be taught how large-scale productions are carried out under mentors from the US. The program is headed by Mr Tad Leckman, who has worked on films such as Men In Black, The Mummy movies and Star Wars: Episode II.

The Singapore’s outfit first project, an animation series set in Star Wars Universe is expected to reach television channels this year.

Find out more about the Jedi Master Program in Singapore here.

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